Today in 1981

Twitter“It must be love,” ran the headline in Smash Hits concerning the wedding of Suggs and Bette Bright today in 1981. They “were married in North London… in the most picturesquely seasonal conditions. In the church a glance around the guests showed costumes varying from kilts to top hats and tails for the men, and among the women a mixture of colourful dresses and wellies. In one extreme case an exotic ‘50s gown in black and gold chiffon was set off with yellow leg-warmers and a pair of Doc Martens… but the BIG question was: what would the dress look like? Bette arrived on the arm of Clive Langer, looking like a cross between Anna Karenina (the romantic heroine) and the Snow Queen. Red hair under a white fur box hat, white boots and a very Russian-styled dress were all off-set by the snow that had fallen on cue the night before.”

“It was a select gathering of family and friends,” Smash Hits continued. “Celebrity guests included members of Madness [Suggs’ band], the long-dead Deaf School [Bette’s former group] and The Illuminations [her backing band at the time]… the music at the reception afterwards was an appropriate mix of R&B and soul – both live and on record. Towards the end of the evening Original Mirrors’ Steve Allen took the microphone for his infamous version of Heartbreak Hotel. Later on the newlyweds attempted to sing See You Later Alligator. And the whole occasion was immortalized on video by Stiff.”

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