Released today in 1982: Melt! c/w Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant

Polydor POSP539

Polydor POSP539

Siouxsie Sioux’s seasonal offering to her fans in 1982 was the double A-side single Melt!/Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant. The latter song, a traditional French Christmas carol dating from the early 1860s, was specially recorded for the single – and it was rather good. As Record Mirror said at the time, “If at first there seems something faintly ludicrous about a Banshees’ Xmas carol, think again. Siouxsie has always loved ceremony and has recently begun to sing. Amidst drums and cymbals, she makes a stately march towards Christ and arrives charmingly, dignity intact.” As the review indicated, the lyrics concerned the birth of Christ, a rough translation of one stanza being: “Oh how lovely, oh how fair/What perfection is His graces/Oh how lovely, oh how fair/Child Divine, so gentle there.”

It was business as usual on the other A-side, an altogether less festive, visceral account of an “insatiable desire of suicide in sex” taken from the recent Banshees album A Kiss In The Dreamhouse. Sample verse: “You are the melting men/And as you melt you are beheaded/Handcuffed in lace and blood and sperm/Swimming in poison, gasping in the fragrance/Sweat carves a screenplay of discipline and devotion.”

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