Released today in 1982: Holding Back The Years

No Waiting NW1

No Waiting NW1

Mick Hucknall released the single Holding Back The Years three times during the 1980s, as a member of two different bands. New Musical Express reviewed all three attempts he made to turn it into a hit. No Waiting NW1 was the first commercially available recording of the song, released today in 1982. The band Hucknall was fronting at the time was Frantic Elevators, and NME said that they “… don’t live up to their clever little name and sound like bad, early Led Zeppelin.”

The more polished second recording, this time made with Simply Red, was first released three years later as Elektra EKR29. Picture Book, the album it was taken from, had been released a few weeks earlier. This time, NME said “Simply Red have just made a dull, painfully unimaginative first LP but this little charmer isn’t so hard to swallow. Smooth and dreamy with muted horns and a voice that occasionally soars into a ghost-like Tim Buckley sphere. This is no bad thing but you have the feeling that Simply Red should try harder and stop treading water. Still I’ll return to this song occasionally to soothe my tired brow after a hard day at the office.”

It wasn’t a big hit though, so Simply Red’s record company tried again six months later. WEA had taken over marketing for the band from Elektra (they were already responsible for manufacture and distribution of the band’s records), but for some reason NME thought EMI were responsible. WEA YZ70 was listed with two other re-issues (none of which was anything to do with EMI) which the reviewer described as “a trio of first-time-round flops, repackaged on the assumption that the public are every bit as daft as the twit at EMI thinks they are.” The public’s response was to send the song to #2 this time round.

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