Released today in 1987: Adoramus Te

Magnet DEC25

Magnet DEC25

It’s that time of year, I suppose. Judging by the catalogue number allocated to this single from Sal Solo, Adoramus Te was being firmly marketed at the Christmas market. It had been some years since he’d last had a significant hit, and that had been with another Christmastime release: his first single without his former band Classix Nouveaux, San Damiano (Heart And Soul), had reached #15 in 1984 and like Adoramus Te was based on a hymn. Over the preceding few years, Solo’s Christian faith had played an increasing role in his career. It influenced both his musical output (the B-side of Adoramus Te was another hymn, Panis Angelicus) and his charitable work (his voluntary activities included speaking about his religious beliefs and lifestyle at youth groups and in schools). The origins of Adoramus Te can be traced to a French monastery. Solo sent his version of it to the monks, and they apparently thought it was very well sung: high praise, as the ‘choir’ on the recording was actually his voice alone, multi-tracked. The only other contributors to the music were a percussionist and a keyboard player.

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Sal SOLO Adoramus Te (Magnet DEC25)


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