Released today in 1987: Rise To The Occasion



Give the audience what they want. And if you don’t know what they want, ensure you’ve covered as many bases as possible. That seemed to be the approach Climie Fisher were taking with this single. A pleasant but rather bland love song when first issued today in 1987 (as EMI EM33), the following week a new version was issued with promotional copies marked with a hype sticker declaring “ALTERNATIVE SOUND”. That sound was hip-hop, and the original track had new drum and bass lines added to it along with a variety of other gimmicky sound effects. The sleeve of EMI EMX33 was almost identical to the original, although the words “Hip Hop Mix” was added. There was a third version of the single, too, for those people who couldn’t make up their minds which version of the song they preferred: EMI EMS33 featured the “original ballad” version on the A-side, and the new mix on the B-side (which for some reason needed to be played at 331/3 instead of the usual 45rpm). Two versions of the promotional clip were also released, one for each mix of the song, the key difference being that the first had colour images and the hip-hop one was largely black and white. It worked: none of their previous singles had charted, but this was their breakthrough hit.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Nov. 9
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CLIMIE FISHER Rise To The Occasion (EMI EM33)
The HOUSEMARTINS Build (Go! Discs GOD31)
JOHNNY HATES JAZZ Turn Back The Clock (Virgin VS1017)


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