Released today in 1982: Rio



If a group comes up with a sure-fire hit, is there any point in commenting on it? The Anti-Nowhere League, who were the guest reviewers in Melody Maker in the first week of November 1982, thought probably not: “It’s going to be Top 10, there’s no doubt about it. It’s probably being played on the radio every hour already, and nobody will have any say; it’s drummed into you that you like it… they haven’t got to work for this because it’s being played so much that you turn into a moron whistling it all day.” Elsewhere, even Smash Hits passed it over for review, maybe because the hit was guaranteed. It’s unlikely it was omitted because it wasn’t worthy of comment, as in the case of New Musical Express who dismissed it with a couple of words along the line of ‘more of the same’. The most caustic overview came from Record Mirror, not known for being Duran Duran’s biggest fans: “a group of Birmingham labourers win a two-week holiday in South America, leave the girls at home and have 14 days on the beer. All the joie de vivre of an ingrowing toenail.”

NEW SINGLES on sale from Nov. 1
Kate BUSH There Goes A Tenner (EMI EMI5350)


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