Released today in 1980: Sueperman’s Big Sister

Stiff BUY100

Stiff BUY100

Why the curious spelling of ‘Superman’ on this single from Ian Dury? Why, to avoid any legal tussles with DC Comics, of course. Stiff might have had a reputation for corner-cutting and creative marketing but they weren’t stupid. There was a nod to their ‘do it yourself’ (read: cheap) attitude on Sueperman’s Big Sister: the 100th single in the BUY sequence, the labels were printed to look as if those of the first (Nick Lowe’s , released in 1976) had been recycled.


NEW SINGLES on sale from Oct. 31
BLONDIE The Tide Is High (Chrysalis CHS2465)
Ian DURY and The BLOCKHEADS Sueperman’s Big Sister (Stiff BUY100)
SPANDAU BALLET To Cut A Long Story Short (Reformation CHS2473)
TOYAH The Vow (Safari SAFE58)
Kim WILDE Dancing In The Dark (RAK RAK365)
HEAVEN 17 Train Of Love In Motion (Virgin VS1134)
INXS (Michael Hutchence) Need You Tonight [Re-issue] (Mercury INXS12)
Kevin ROWLAND Young Man (Mercury ROW2)
TIFFANY Radio Romance (MCA TIFF5)


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