Released today in 1987: Falling In Love

Urban URB10

Urban URB10

Early stars of hip hop Fat Boys (Mark Morales, Damon Wimbley and Darren Robinson) were also among the most prolific acts recording music of that genre in the 1980s: they put out a new studio every year from 1984 to 1989. Robinson (aka Big Buff Love or The Human Beatbox) was a pioneer of beatboxing (oral creation of hip hop percussion sounds) and the group’s first album is considered to be an early hip hop classic. Their extrovert public personas made them perfect for MTV (they appeared in the channel’s 1985 Christmas advert), and also for crossing over into mainstream movies. They appeared as themselves in the 1985 film ‘Krush Groove’ (about the early years of Def Jam Records) and played caricatures of themselves in the movie ‘Disorderlies’ (1987). They contributed to the soundtracks of both films, and to ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ (1988) with the theme song Are You Ready for Freddy?.

They had some notable guests on their singles, including The Beach Boys (1987) and Chubby Checker (the latter appearing on Fat Boys’ 1988 version of his own hit, The Twist). The group split in 1991 but the popularity of their catalogue endured, despite the death of Robinson in 1985. Morales (“Prince Markie Dee”) and Wimbley (“Kool Rock-Ski”) revived the Fat Boys brand in 2008 with an official website, and a site for their clothing line was launched earlier this year.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Oct. 26
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX (Sal Sol) Never Again (Liberty BP406)
Nick HEYWARD Warning Sign (Arista HEY6)
HOT GOSSIP (Sinitta) Don’t Beat Around The Bush (Fanfare FAN1)
Gary NUMAN Berserker (Numa NU4)
FAT BOYS Falling In Love (Urban URB10)
The COMMUNARDS Never Can Say Goodbye (London LON158)
The JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Darklands (Blanco Y Negro NEG29)
PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED (John Lydon) The Body (Virgin VS1010)
RADIO HEART featuring Gary NUMAN All Across The Nation (NBR NBR1)


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