Released today in 1985: The Miracle Of The Age



Wow. That’s a picture sleeve that’s hard on the eyes. The producer of this single by Doctor And The Medics, unlikely as it sounds, was Andy Partridge – singer, songwriter, guitarist and founding member of British new wave band, XTC. (It was his only contribution to their debut album, Laughing At The Pieces, released in 1986.) XTC’s biggest hit was Senses Working Overtime, a very radio-friendly pop song which became their only Top 10 single in the UK in early ’82. By that point, the band had been together some ten years and much of their past catalogue was a harder rock sound. This was resurrected on their next album in 1984, by which time XTC was a studio-only outfit, Partridge unable to tour due to crippling stage fright and anxiety. The result was a lower public profile for the group and sales of their subsequent records were undoubtedly affected.

Partridge’s ability as a producer though was able to develop though the increased time spent in the studio. As well contributing to the production of his own records (XTC, and a 1980 album released as “Mr Partridge”), he has produced for a number of different acts, including such 80s luminaries as The Mission, Thomas Dolby (who was nearly asked to join XTC as a permanent member) and The Lilac Time. He has been most prolific as a producer from 1990 on. In 1992 he was the original producer on Blur’s album Modern Life Is Rubbish, but they parted company after only a handful of songs. A completed track from the sessions, Coping, was later included on Blur’s 21 box set of rarities in 2012.

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DOCTOR AND THE MEDICS (Clive Jackson) The Miracle Of The Age (IRS IRM106)


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