Released today in 1989: Missing

Chrysalis CHS3381

Chrysalis CHS3381

The TERRY HALL Projects: Terry, Blair And Anouchka (1989)

Terry Hall’s last musical project of the 1980s was Terry, Blair & Anouchka, in which is joined forces with actress Blair Booth and Fine Art student Anouchka Grose. Chrysalis evidently thought the single Missing was to be Hall’s first solo single after he had disbanded The Colourfield, as the labels on the discs gave only his name as artist. The sleeve, as shown above, depicted all three members of the group however and gave the proper credit. Hall was on vocals, Grose on guitar and backing vocals (she had previously performed guitar for another band, in which she had also taken lead vocal), and Booth was on keyboards on backing vocals. The group was short lived. Missing was a hit, but only just: it spent one week on the chart at #75. A follow-up early in 1990 didn’t quite make it, and their only album Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes sold modestly. They split up soon after its release. Booth remains active in the music industry, and has been particularly successful as a producer of film and television music. Grose trained as a psychoanalyst in the 1990s and has written books and numerous essays on the subject, amongst other “odd things” – as she refers to it on her website – such as playing lap steel with Martin Creed’s band.

As for Hall: his solo career at last began in in the mid-1990s. He produced two albums, Home and Laugh, which between them yielded four hits on the singles chart. Before that, though, he teamed up with Dave Stewart to form Vegas, another short lived band who made just one, self-titled album. A single from the album, Possessed, was Hall’s last Top 40 hit in 1992. He has collaborated with several other acts in the past 15 years, most frequently as a guest vocalist, and in 2008 revived The Specials with several other original members, a project that remains active today.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Oct. 23
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Terry HALL Missing (Chrysalis CHS3381)
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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK You Got It (The Right Stuff) [Re-issue] (CBS BLOCK2)
Joe STRUMMER Island Hopping (CBS STRUM2)


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