Released today in 1985: King For A Day

Arista TWINS7

Arista TWINS7

Taken from pivotal album Here’s To Future Days, King For A Day was Thompson Twins’ last Top 40 in the UK. Some of the unfortunate incidents surrounding the creation of the album have already been covered in this blog. Most of the songs on it were written in early 1985, as Alannah Currie told Record Mirror a year later: “We were living in a place called Mount Le Jolie, which was a sort of 15th century house in the middle of nowhere. It was a freezing cold place with no central heating. We had to go down to the supermarket and buy space heaters, and we bought one each. We just sat for a month and a half in front of these space heaters. There was absolutely nothing to do for entertainment, except go down to the local supermarket, which was centrally heated, and wander round. It was the coldest winter Europe had ever had. Birds were literally freezing and falling out of the sky.”

The location had an effect on the album’s lyrical themes. “This whole place was bizarre,” she continued. “This house had all animal heads and old organs, a sort of very strange old museum full of centuries of this family’s possessions. It was very weird, that’s why I think a lot of the songs on the album were about dreams. We wrote a lot of them there. There was nothing else to do except dream, write songs, and look outside. It was just a wasteland of white. A few times we got snowed in and couldn’t get out. Then the telephone lines went down and the electricity kept going off. We fought like mad and threw things at each other, but had some good times as well. Got drunk and fell down in the snow a few times.”

The ended up with a record they were pleased with, as things came together in the end. “It could all fall apart just as easily as it came together,” Tom Bailey said, “and we’ll be similarly powerless to prevent it.” Soon, the existing arrangements for Thompson Twins would fall apart and Joe Leeway would leave. It’s difficult to know if, at the time of the interview (December 1985), that anyone in the band could see this coming. The Record Mirror piece ended with the following comment from bailey: “We don’t plan that far ahead, or we’d just turn into business people, which would spoil it for us and spoil it for our fans.”

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