Released today in 1988: In The Name Of Love ’88

Arista 111 808

Arista 111 808

When it was first released, the writers’ credit for Thompson Twins’s In The Name of Love was given to “T. T.’s”, indicating that all the members of the group at the time had contributed to it. (The lyrics were Tom Bailey’s alone.) When it was remixed by Shep Pettibone for reissue in 1988, Thompson Twins were down to two members and the individual names of the writers were specified on the label. Originally recorded for the 1982 album Set, there were at that time seven Thompson Twins. In the US, a revised edition of this album was released with an amended track list including a couple of songs taken from their debut album A Product Of… (which hadn’t been released there) and a new title: the Americans named the album In The Name of Love after the song, although it hadn’t been a hit there. Nor had it here for that matter, but the following year a string of hits for the group began both in the UK and the US.

During their most successful period, Thompson Twins comprised three members: Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway. Leeway left in 1986, and Bailey and Currie (now a couple in their personal lives as well as professionally) continued as a duo. The hits had already begun to dry up though, and they had no Top 10 hits in the UK in the second half of the 80s. There were better chart returns in the US, where their album Here’s To Future Days had yielded two Top 10 hits. The remix of In The Name of Love was one of the few singles to do better here than over there: it didn’t make the Billboard chart but made #46 here. It was released to help promote the US compilation The Best Of Thompson Twins/Greatest Mixes.

Before the decade was out, Currie and Bailey almost made a return to the Top 10 in the UK when Debbie Harry took a song they had written, I Want That Man, to #13 in 1989. Thompson Twins was still a going concern at that time, but they were regularly offering their services to other artists. Bailey had contributed to a solo album by Phil Thornalley, released shortly before he started to front the new line-up of Johnny Hates Jazz, who had recently lost lead vocalist Clark Datchler.

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THOMPSON TWINS In The Name Of Love ’88 (Arista 111 808)


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