Released today in 1988: Secret Garden

Siren SRN93

Siren SRN93

Few reviewers picked up on the unusual subject matter for this T’Pau song, which was the lead single from their second album Rage. Only very short-lived music paper The Cover (Carol Decker was on the front of its second and apparently final issue) asked her directly if the lyrics were about transsexuals. “Yes,” she replied, seeming surprised that anyone had noticed. “How did you know?” It was probably the opening lines “There’s more to this feeling/than a differing mind to anatomy,” but the rest of it was vague enough to be interpreted otherwise. Instead, the contemporary reviews of the single tended to focus on the new, harder rock sound of T’Pau, which was an appropriate musical development given the new album’s title. Today, Secret Garden remains a part of Decker’s live set. She performed it recently at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London (3 July 2015) at a gig where she dedicated it to Caitlyn Jenner.

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