Released today in 1989: Way Of The World

Mercury MXQ1

Mercury MXQ1

September 18th was the date both of Michael Hutchence’s bands were launched in the UK. In 1981, the first British INXS single was released; eight years later, the debut Max Q 7” was issued.

Max Q was short-lived project than INXS and involved Hutchence writing songs with Ollie Olsen, a post-punk band member and producer. Prior to Max Q Hutchence and Olsen had both worked on the soundtrack to the 1986 Australian movie ‘Dogs In Space’, in which Hutchence had appeared. Set in Melbourne’s experimental ‘Little Band’ era in the late 1970s, in the film Hutchence plays Sam, the drug-addicted frontman of the fictitious band the movie is named after. The soundtrack album became hard to come by as it had a very limited release on CD and company responsible folded not long after.

Hutchence fronted Max Q and sang lead, backed by other contacts of Olsen’s from the real-life Melbourne post-punk scene.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Sep. 18
Billy IDOL Mony Mony (Chrysalis CHS2543)
INXS (Michael Hutchence) Just Keep Walking (RCA RCA89)
MADNESS Shut Up (Stiff BUY126)
The POLICE Invisible Sun (A&M AMS8164)
SPARKS Funny Face (Why-Fi WHY4)
TOYAH Thunder In The Mountains (Safari SAFE38)
Kate BUSH The Sensual World (EMI EM102)
Holly JOHNSON Heaven’s Here (MCA MCA1365)
MAX Q (Michael Hutchence) Way of the World (Mercury MXQ1)
Kirsty MacCOLL Innocence (Virgin KMA3)
The PRIMITIVES (Tracy Tracy) Secrets (Lazy PB43173)
WET WET WET Sweet Surrender (Precious Organization JEWEL9)


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