Released today in 1982: Harvest Home

Mercury COUNT1

Mercury COUNT1

Stuart Adamson’s first appearance on the cover of Smash Hits was as a member of Skids, the group he founded in 1977. Although Skids made the cover of the magazine in September 1980, and had an album in the Top 10, by then the cracks in the band were becoming evident: there were changes in the group’s membership and Adamson himself would soon be on his way out. He then formed Big Country, which itself underwent some shuffling of personnel before establishing a permanent line-up.

Harvest Home, the first Big Country single, included contributions from Rhythm For Hire, a rhythm section duo who as the name suggested were session musicians working for various bands. The two members, Tony Butler and Mark Brzezicki, got on well with founding Big Country members Adamson and Bruce Watson, and were invited to join the band permanently. (Brzezicki was always referred to by Smash Hits as “Mark Unpronounceablename of Big Country,” although it’s likely the real issue was the inconvenience of checking the spelling rather than concerns over how to say it. For the record, the anglicised pronunciation of the Polish surname is “bruh-zik-ee”.)

Although Harvest Home was not a hit, Big Country got a break when they became a support band on The Jam’s farewell tour which raised their profile. In the mid-80s their singles regularly made the Top 10, although as the decade progressed their albums sales diminished.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Sep. 17
BIG COUNTRY Harvest Home (Mercury COUNT1)
The CLASH Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (CBS CBSA2646)
IMAGINATION (Leee John) In The Heat Of The Night (R&B RBS211)
ROXY MUSIC Take A Chance With Me (EG ROXY5)
ULTRAVOX Reap The Wild Wind (Chrysalis CHS2639)
WHAM! Young Guns (Go For It) (Inner Vision IVLA2766)
Clark DATCHLER Things Can’t Get Any Worse (RAK RAK379)
Hazel O’CONNOR Cuts Too Deep (RCA RCA442)


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