Released today in 1988: She Wants To Dance With Me

RCA PB42189

RCA PB42189

I had forgotten about that ghastly jacket. Stylists just didn’t seem to know what to do with Rick Astley and in most photoshoots he could be found wearing ill-fitting suits in bland colours, gazing into middle distance with a neutral expression on his face. In that respect he broke the perceived mould of the 80s solo singer. While it was all about image for most new stars, with Astley it was all about that rich baritone voice: he was a success in spite of his image.

Not that he was entirely credible. As he was produced by Stock Aitken Waterman he was considered to be one of their ‘puppets’, an artist with no real control over his career. Although the producers did have control over his debut album in 1987, he had much more say for the second the following year. He wrote lead single She Wants To Dance With Me himself, and only a handful of the tracks on the album were Stock Aitken Waterman productions.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Sep. 12
Q-TIPS (Paul Young) Man Can’t Lose (Chrysalis CHS2456)
RELUCTANT STEREOTYPES (Paul King) Plan For Today (WEA K18335)
The SPECIALS (Terry Hall) Stereotype (2-Tone CHSTT13)
David BOWIE Modern Love (EMI America EA158)
TOYAH Rebel Run (Safari SAFE56)
Rick ASTLEY She Wants To Dance With Me (RCA PB42189)
BANANARAMA Love, Truth And Honesty (London NANA17)
BON JOVI (Jon Bon Jovi) Bad Medicine (Vertigo JOV3)
Julian COPE Charlotte Anne (Island IS380)
EIGHTH WONDER (Patsy Kensit) Baby Baby (CBS BABE1)
PET SHOP BOYS Domino Dancing (Parlophone R6190)
SINITTA I Don’t Believe In Miracles (Fanfare FAN16)


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