Released today in 1986: Palpitating Heart

IDK S001

IDK S001

IDK had a very short span as a record company, its first release being the ‘come back’ single from former Smash Hits cover star Matt Fretton, which flopped. In fact, it seems there was only one more release on IDK, a 12” single in November 1986 from a band called After Tonite, whose was produced by Lynval Golding, formerly of The Specials and The Fun Boy Three. Fretton went into obscurity after Palpitating Heart, but After Tonite continued on a different label later in the Eighties.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Sep. 8
DEAD OR ALIVE (Pete Burns) Brand New Lover (Epic 6500757)
Matt FRETTON Palpitating Heart (IDK S001)
HOLLYWOOD BEYOND (Mark Rogers) No More Tears (WEA YZ81)
Nigel PLANER Rough With The Smooth (Columbia DB9140)


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