Released today in 1985: Last Days Of Summer

R&B Records RBS1082

R&B Records RBS1082

Active almost throughout the 1980s, at this stage in their career Imagination were struggling to score hits: their singles were still charting, but in the second half of the decade almost all of them stopped short of the Top 75. There had been a change in producers: they had co-produced their last two singles with Nigel Wright, and this one with Derek Bramble. Bramble’s main project during the 1980s was the career of Jaki Graham. He wrote and/or produced the dozen singles she released during the decade and most of the tracks on her three albums. A former member of the R&B group Heatwave, he performed a duet with Graham on the B-side of her 1986 single Step Right Up. His work with Graham led to his being invited to co-produce David Bowie’s 1984 album Tonight.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Sep. 6
IMAGINATION (Leee John) Last Days Of Summer (R&B Records RBS1082)
Gary NUMAN Call Out The Dogs (Numa NU11)


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