Released today in 1988: Way Behind Me

Lazy PB42209

Lazy PB42209

An early review of a The Primitives gig in Sounds, shortly before the release of their 1986 debut EP, began: “Another atom in the catalysis of volatile energy falls into place and cuts into the apathetic limbo land of musical indifference like a surgeon’s healing scalpel. This atom is called The Primitives – and they make a tightly packed pop whizz bang which dances on your tongue. Inside this atom is a voice, which belongs to Tracy [Tracy Tracy, otherwise known as Tracy Cattell from Australia] – and it’s a wonderful voice that slides over a marsh of emotions, pushed by a fresh pop breeze that’s scented sweetly with burnt psycho candy.” The writer asked her why she sang. She replied, “Because it’s something I enjoy and love doing.”

Smash Hits, in the 1989 Yearbook, chose to focus on some things Tracy didn’t like instead, and this was the eclectic list they provided:
Umbrellas: “I’ve had terrible experiences with umbrellas.”
Lemon tea: “Just disgusting.”
Rulers: “I was a bit of a rebel that way.”
Alarm clocks: “I hate getting up.”
Mugs: “Sort of clumsy-looking.”
Fruit pastilles: “I just went straight home.” (?)

I’m not sure where the rulers come in (and whether she means measuring rules or leaders), but I think we can conclude it’s a safe bet that you shouldn’t invite her round for morning refreshments, especially if it’s a rainy day.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Aug. 30
Jason DONOVAN Nothing Can Divide Us (PWL PWL17)
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Please Don’t Go Girl (CBS 6529927)
The PRIMITIVES (Tracy Tracy) Way Behind Me (Lazy PB42209)


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