Released today in 1981: Day After Day

Real ARE17

Real ARE17

Day After Day was something of a sales disappointment for Pretenders, as after three consecutive big hits in Britain this single fell short of the Top 40. The first of these hits had been the #1 single Brass In Pocket, co-written by band members Chrissie Hynde and Jim Honeyman-Scott, which had been released in late ’79 and topped the chart early the following year. The next two, early tasters from the second Pretenders album Pretenders II, were Talk Of The Town (#8) and Message Of Love (#11), written by Hynde alone – as would be the general rule for Pretenders singles in the 1980s. Day After Day was chosen by the group’s record company to be the third single from Pretenders II; presumably it was thought a revival of the Hynde/Honeyman song writing team was worth trying out again. It was a fine choice and sales were probably dented only by those of its parent album, which was sitting comfortably in the Top 10 of the albums chart at the time of single’s release.

The band’s people in America didn’t agree, and Day After Day didn’t see release there on 45rpm at all. Instead, the track Louie Louie was released along with the album, this song being composed by Hynde alone. (The B-side track for Day After Day in the UK and Louie Louie in the US was the same in both countries: In The Sticks.) Here, Louie Louie was issued as a promo-only 7” shortly before the album’s release to draw the LP’s arrival to critics and radio stations; whether a full commercial release of the song as a single in the UK was ever planned is unknown. Regardless, it took a Ray Davies song to restore Pretenders to the top 10 at the end of 1981: I Go To Sleep was #7 on the week ending 5 December 1981. (Davies’ Stop Your Sobbing had provided the group with their first hit, in 1979.)

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