Released today in 1982: Leave In Silence

Mute 7BONG1

Mute 7BONG1

It’s 1982 and the jury is still out regarding Depeche Mode in the weekly rock papers.

New Musical Express said, “…a wonderful, deserted loved song, which has David Gahan manfully tackling pending departure without collapsing in tears… a softy stated rhythm and muted synth horns lead Depeche Mode out of the chattering seasick electro-trough they were threating to fall into. Leave In Silence is less boys-keep-swinging-pop-of-the-cherry, a touch more experienced, and sounds all the better for it.”

Meanwhile, over at Melody Maker: “Another in the long line of the new wave of hippy music. I’ve heard more melody coming out of Kenny Wheeler’s arsehole.”

Well. That wasn’t very nice, was it, boys and girls?

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DEPECHE MODE Leave In Silence (Mute 7BONG1)
UB40 So Here I Am (DEP International DEP5)


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