Released today in 1980: The Robots Dance



Sal Solo was one of the few people to appear on the cover of Smash Hits during the 1980s without having a Top 10 single in the UK. The closest he came was #11 with the Classix Nouveau single Is It A Dream. The other acts who didn’t make the Top 10 were:

Name of
11 The Alarm
12 Max Headroom (with The Art Of Noise)
14 The Power Station
Steve Lambert (with Roman Holliday)
15 Peter Murphy (as Bauhaus)
16 Derek B
17 Marie Brennan (with Clannad and Bono)
18 Derek Dunbar (with Jimmy The Hoover)
22 Department S
27 Philip Schofield (achieved in the 1990s)
43 The Professionals
50 Matt Fretton
62 Michaela

Edna1Just one recording artist appeared on the cover of Smash Hits in the 1980s without having a hit single at all: Dame Edna Everage. Despite what the hype sticker on a limited edition gift box version of her lone 1980s single declared, ‘Theme From Neighbours’ was not in fact her “historic debut single” as she had tried and failed to chart a couple of times already in the late ‘70s. In fact, Edna’s “manager” Barry Humphries had been a recording artist in the 1950s, and one of his other creations, Sir Les Patterson, had also released a single in 1987 called G’Day. Edna herself had released Every Mother Wants A Boy Like Elton in 1978, and Disco Matilda the following year.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Aug. 15
The ASSOCIATES The Affectionate Punch (Fiction FICS11)
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX (Sal Solo) The Robots Dance (ESP ES1)
The JAM Start! (Polydor 2059266)
Gary NUMAN I Die: You Die (Beggars Banquet BEG46)
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX (Sal Solo) Forever And A Day (Liberty BP419)
HEAVEN 17 Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Virgin VS628)
A-HA Touchy! (Warner Bros W7749)
BOMB THE BASS (Tim Simenon) Megablast (Rhythm King DOOD2)
DEAD OR ALIVE (Pete Burns) Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (Epic BURNS4)
HEAVEN 17 The Ballad Of Go Go Brown (Virgin VS1113)
Kevin ROWLAND Tonight (Mercury ROW1)
SADE (Sade Adu) Nothing Can Come Between Us (Epic SADE3)


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