Released today in 1985: Alone Without You

CBS A6308

CBS A6308

Paul King was born in Ireland but his family relocated to Coventry, England when he was still a child. There he attended drama school and after graduating he joined beatnik-jazz combo Reluctant Stereotypes, who were achieving some success in the city’s flourishing ska scene. They signed with major label WEA but King did not feature on the first single under this deal, released in early 1980, which was recorded when the group was undergoing some line-up changes. He was present during its promotion however, and wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on their album The Label. “They were all into goatee beards and stuff – they really fancied themselves,” King said of the group, which ended the following year. King and his manager started to create a new band, which was eventually launched in 1983 using his surname as the group’s name. A tour supporting Pete Wylie’s Wah! led to another contract with a major record company, this time CBS.

Several singles were released in 1984 along with the album they were taken from, Steps in Time, but despite being heralded as one of the “next big things” success was limited. It was only when debut single Love And Pride was issued for the second time at the end of the same year that they finally had a hit. Unfortunately, it was unlucky enough to reach #2 in the week ending 3 February 1985, the same week that Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson made #1 with their single I Know Him So Well. For the next two weeks, both singles held their positions (as did those at #3 and #4, for that matter); then, the following week King’s song fell to #3 while I Know Him So Well enjoyed a fourth week at the top. Both records were certified Gold by the BPI; King had achieved the sales of a #1 single if not the chart position.

Bitter Sweet, the second and as it would happen final album by the band, was produced by Richard James Burgess. Lead single Alone Without You gave King their second and final Top 10 hit before the group dissolved the following year. King himself then prepared a solo album for release, again on CBS, called Joy. The record was similar to those of King the band but was only a minor hit; when a second single taken from it failed to chart, he gave up his full-time recording career. At the end of the 80s King could be found presenting shows on MTV as a VJ.

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