Released today in 1987: Love Changes (Everything)



Pop stars, eh? Never done a proper day’s work in their lives, most of them. Some of them can’t even be bothered to get dressed properly. In the 1980s, so many of them wandered about in various states of déshabillé it’s a wonder they weren’t all constantly catching colds. Underwear as outerwear was often on display: Madonna could be found on the back of her album cover in nothing but her negligee; Nick Kamen did his laundry in his boxer shorts; Annie Lennox went through a phase of taking to the stage in her bra. But by far the most celebrated undergarment was the humble vest, as sported by countless music industry celebrities. So here, If You Were There proudly presents:

The Top Three Greatest Vest-Wearing Pop Stars Of The Eighties

Vest1#3: Jon Bon Jovi
Of course Jon Bon Jovi wore vests, otherwise how would we have been able to see the Superman logo tattoo on his arm? Anyway, for American stadium rockers vests were de rigueur, so he wasn’t alone. In fact, track down a copy of the British issue of the Bon Jovi single Never Say Goodbye (released 28 years ago today) and I think you’ll find a couple of his colleagues are emulating him.

Vest2#2: Go West
A vest-wearing duo, no less, Go Vest – I mean, Go West – were Peter Cox (white vest) and Richard Drummie (black vest). Despite a string (vest) of hits, they never made the cover of Smash Hits. The image here was chosen for the cover of Bangs And Crashes, a collection of remixes of tracks from their first album. Thankfully, they smartened themselves up considerably for subsequent releases.

vest3#1: Simon Climie
No one looked better in a vest than Simon Climie, and he seemed to have a wardrobe full of them. Early Climie Fisher releases often featured him modelling examples from his collection: various shots of him in a white vest graced the cover of their debut album Everything, and in the promotional clip for the single Love Changes (Everything) he favoured a black one. Or perhaps he had no choice and was made to wear them by his stylists. vest4If that was the case, those stylists really ought to have made sure they had buttoned the fly on his jeans properly on the cover of the single Rise To The Occasion.vest5

NEW SINGLES on sale from Aug. 3
The CULT (Ian Astbury) Go West (Beggars Banquet BEG115)
Howard JONES Like To Get To Know You Well (WEA HOW5)
BON JOVI (Jon Bon Jovi) Never Say Goodbye (Mercury JOV2)
CLIMIE FISHER Love Changes (Everything) (EMI EM15)
IMAGINATION (Leee John) The Last Time (RCA PB41471)
The JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Happy When It Rains (Blanco Y Negro NEG25)
PRETENDERS FOR 007 (Pretenders) If There Was A Man (WEA YZ149)


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