Released today in 1982: Driving In My Car

Stiff BUY153

Stiff BUY153

A typically witty and exuberant offering from Madness, the lyrics of Driving In My Car concerned the Morris Minor, a British economy car produced between 1948 and 1972 which became the country’s first million-seller. The video for the song was filmed on Monday 12 July 1982, a few days ahead of the single’s release, and depicted a white 1959 model of the car with a windscreen sunstrip customized with the vehicle name ‘Maddiemobile’ and a numberplate showing ‘MAD7’. Director Dave Robinson shot the film in and around Shepherds Bush in London, starting in a garage where the band were dressed as mechanics. Later, there was a cameo appearance from The Fun Boy Three, who are seen trying to hitch a lift from the Nutty Boys to their home town at the point in the song where Suggs sings, “I drove along the A45” (the road passes through Coventry).

NEW SINGLES on sale from Jul. 16
BOW WOW WOW Louis Quatorze (RCA RCA263)
MADNESS Driving In My Car (Stiff BUY153)


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