Released today in 1985: Let Me Be The One

Tent  PB40193

Tent PB40193

The FIVE STAR Story Part 2

It was with the release of Let Me Be The One, their fifth single, that the whole Five Star package really came together. Even from their earliest television appearances there was a slickness rare for an act that was yet to establish itself, but by the summer of 1985 no one could say that they were learning their craft on their audience’s time or on RCA’s money: they were already professionals.

The distinctive ‘5 Star’ logo made its first appearance on the single’s sleeve, and it would appear on all subsequent releases from the group in the 1980s. It was part of an almost corporate branding of the group, and was used liberally and prominently on all promotional collateral (adverts, record sleeves, posters, etc) from here on. It was even stitched on to the costumes the members wore in most of the PAs they made during July ’85 in support of the single. As was now expected of Five Star, there was again a carefully choreographed dance to accompany the song’s performance.

The back catalogue of Buster Pearson’s record labels was no longer being plundered for B-sides. All the members of the group took turns to write the flip sides of their singles. Delroy co-wrote Let Me Be The One’s flip, Beat 47, with his father and the song was credited to Five Star. (First Avenue, the B-side to the previous single, was a new track co-written by Buster and Deniece, who was emerging as lead singer for the group, but this instrumental was once again credited to ‘Five Star Orchestra’; from Let Me Be The One onwards, vocal and instrumental tracks alike would be credited to Five Star.) Doris, Lorraine and Stedman would receive writer credits for the B-sides of next three singles.

Lorraine’s B-side, Say Goodbye, also appeared on the group’s debut album, Luxury Of Life, which was recorded gradually during a period of over a year with various producers. The photo shoot for the album cover took place in the distinctive dining room of the Criterion restaurant in London, the website for which refers to the venue’s “timeless opulence”. It was a fitting location, given the album’s title and quality of the songs, the production, and the performances on it. After a few false starts, they were now having hits too: both Let Me Be The One and the single before it made the Top 20.

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FIVE STAR Let Me Be The One (Tent PB40193)


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