Released today in 1986: The Flame

Odeon NSR3

Odeon NSR3

Were there some subliminal messages in the promotional clip filmed for this, the third Arcadia single? Directed by Russell Mulcahy (who also directed the video for yesterday’s featured single) and spoofing two movie genres (Hammer-style haunted house films and slapstick movies of the 30s and 40s), it featured a couple of possible references to events affecting Duran Duran, the group from which the Arcadia project was a spin-off. The video ended with a caption appearing on the screen: “To Be Continued…?”, a reference perhaps to the Arcadia project itself: it wasn’t to continue, as members Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes returned to Duran Duran full time. By this time, it was known that drummer Roger Taylor – also nominally a full member of Acadia – would not be returning to Duran, and as usual he did not appear in the video. But there was a brief cameo from Duran’s bass player, John Taylor, who appears waving a document clearly headed ‘contract’ in Nick’s face. If this was a subtle reminder that the members of Duran still had contractual obligations relating to that band, then it was wasted on one member in particular.

Andy Taylor was proving very difficult to contact. Work on the fourth Duran studio album was falling behind schedule, and no satisfactory explanation for his absence was forthcoming when he failed to show up for recording sessions or rehearsals. Allegedly the other members of the band had to threaten him with legal action if he continued to hold up the recording of the album; whether this is true or not, he did eventually attend some sessions but the atmosphere was so tense it was eventually agreed that he could be released from any further obligation to the band. Other guitarists were used to complete the work on the Notorious album, and it is uncertain on some tracks exactly whose playing made it on the final mix: Andy Taylor, producer Nile Rodgers, or soon-to-be permanent band member Warren Cuccurullo.

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ARCADIA (Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes) The Flame (Odeon NSR3)


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