Released today in 1982: Nine To Five



Shameless cash-in of the month for July comes courtesy of this 1982 single from EG records. Nine To Five was recorded in 1977 for the soundtrack album of the following year’s Derek Jarman movie ‘Jubilee’, which featured among its cast members a number of British punk rock artists. The track itself was credited to Maneaters, but was performed by Adam Ant and Toyah Willcox, both of whom had yet to have a hit at the time. Then, after years of trying, they both had their breakthrough hits within months of each other: Adam & The Ants had their first Top 10 hit at the end of 1980 and Toyah had theirs in March 1981, and both acts had several more in the twelve months that followed. Two of Adam’s former labels had already plundered his catalogue recordings for reissues, and now it was EG’s turn.

Ripoff1For the single, EG billed the song as being by ‘Adam and Toyah’ and advertised it as being available in a “special picture bag”. Both artists objected to the release and the way in which it was marketed. Toyah was quoted in Billboard (24 July 1982) as saying, “In 1977 I was involved in the film ‘Jubilee’ which reflected the punk scene of the time. I was involved in writing the song Nine To Five and eventually in performing it. It was fun at the time. But to release that single now is simply pathetic opportunism. I want fans to know it was never intended as a single, but was essentially a piece of music written for a punk film score some five years back. I dissociate myself entirely from the project.” Adam agreed. “It was a decidedly low budget affair,” he said in a statement, “probably costing less than the normal demo recording. It was agreed that my name should appear only as co-writer and at no time did I allow it to be associated with Adam Ant or similar professional context. In fact, the record is released in a completely different capacity and the inference is that I play a major role in what I say is an inferior recording.”
Adam insisted that his name be removed from the record, and the single was withdrawn, to be replaced with a version using the artwork shown above later in the month. Neither he nor Toyah had cause to worry about this ‘inferior recording’ being made available as a single for the first time: the record didn’t chart.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Jul. 2
ADAM and TOYAH (MANEATERS) (Adam Ant, Toyah Willcox) Nine To Five (EG EGO8)
The BELLE STARS The Clapping Song (Stiff BUY155)
The CURE (Robert Smith) Hanging Garden (Fiction FICS15)
KING (Paul King) Soul In My Boots (Epic A4573)


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