Released today in 1989: In A Lifetime

RCA PB42873

RCA PB42873

This was the second issue of the collaboration between U2’s singer and Clannad. Maire Brennan and Bono’s single In A Lifetime (credited solely to her band Clannad) was recorded in 1985, and first released in January 1986. Brennan told Smash Hits about the day Bono came to record his contribution to the partially-completed track: “He just walked in the studio and improvised his vocal in two takes, making up a lot of the lyrics on the spot. The whole thing took about ten minutes. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen in a studio.” The first issue of the single made #20; this release improved on that position by three places. As a result, the song accounted for two of their five UK hit singles in the 80s.

Clannad weren’t strangers to the charts in the UK, although their successes tended to be limited to their work for television productions. In 1984, they recorded Legend, the soundtrack album to the television series ‘Robin of Sherwood’, from which the track Robin (The Hooded Man) was used as the music to accompany the title sequence. The song was released as a single with a photograph of the show’s original star, Michael Praed, on the cover; it just fell short of the Top 40. A new version of the theme was recorded for the third season, and it was issued as an EP with a photo of Jason Connery as new central character Robert of Huntingdon on the sleeve. But it was their Theme From Harry’s Game (a 1982 miniseries for ITV) that was their biggest hit. U2 performed a version of the song in their concert encores in the 1980s, so Clannad knew that Bono was likely to be open to working with them if the opportunity came up.

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