Released today in 1985: Head Over Heels

Mercury IDEA10

Mercury IDEA10

“Looking back at the videos – god, they were awful!” said Curt Smith in the sleeve notes to the deluxe re-issue of Tears For FearsSongs From The Big Chair. “The way we looked! They weren’t particularly clever. The Head Over Heels one was, as far as videos go, the most interesting one, but it’s full of frigging ‘80s clichés. If Roland and I had our way, as far as art work and videos go, we wouldn’t have been in any of it.”

To be fair, the directors of video clips for Tears For Fears songs didn’t have much to go on, so obscure were the lyrics at times. What’s this in Head Over Heels, for example? “And this is my four-leaf clover/I’m on the line, one open mind/This is my four-leaf clover/In my mind’s eye/One little boy, one little man/Funny how time flies.”

There was obviously some significance to the four-leaf clover business as it was also mentioned in a quotation on the back of the single’s sleeve: “Head over heels: A love song from the big chair and a giant four-leaf clover for mankind…” And a special picture disc version of the single was also made available, shaped as four-leaf clover, sold with a stand that it could be displayed on.

If you’re still none the wiser, you’re in good company.

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