Released today in 1982: Stop The War

Island WIP6797

Island WIP6797

Protest singles of the 80s No. 2: Neneh Cherry

On Friday 2 April 1982, forces from Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands in an effort to establish the sovereignty the country had long claimed over them. The following Monday, the government in the United Kingdom, which had claimed the islands as a Crown colony since 1841, sent a naval task force to return them to British control. The conflict (as it was referred to in the press at the time: the nations involved didn’t actually declare war, just that the affected territory was a war zone) was perceived in Argentina to be the country reclaiming a territory that belonged to it; the Islanders themselves, predominantly descendants of British settlers who had arrived at the beginning of the 19th Century, were in favour of British sovereignty.

Neneh Cherry’s protest record was a version of an old Edwin Starr song, the title making her position very clear. The B-side, Give Sheep A Chance (a reference to the Plastic Ono Band song Give Peace A Chance) and the image chosen for the sleeve celebrated the primary commercial use of land on the Islands, sheep farming. Exactly a week after its release the war ended when Argentina surrendered. This resolution to the conflict caused much of the Argentinian public to turn against the ruling military government there, bringing an end to its power. In the UK, the outcome of the operation in the Falkland Islands was thought to have contributed significantly to the Conservative government’s second term in office, which commenced after the following year’s General Election.

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