Released today in 1984: I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me



Emblazoned on the front of this release is the catalogue number NIK4, indicating that this was Nik Kershaw’s fourth single. Which indeed it was, sort of. It was the second time MCA had tried to turn the song into a hit, with the original release in 1983 reaching #47. But that wasn’t NIK1 – it was issued as MCA816. The vanity numbering sequence began with NIK2 used on his second single, the #4 hit Wouldn’t It Be Good. NIK4 was another Top 10 hit – in fact, it fell only one place short of the top spot.

Some releases were given a special catalogue number, unique for that title. This applied to three singles from Patsy Kensit’s Eighth Wonder: I’m Not Scared was SCARE1, (It’s Over) When The Phone Stops Ringing was PHONE1, Baby Baby was BABE1. Some late-80s releases from Duran Duran also had unique identifiers, such as Meet El Presidente (TOUR1) and I Don’t Want Your Love (YOUR1); others began with DD or DURAN signifying the group with ascending numbers as the releases progressed.

Many of the artists featured in this blog had vanity catalogue numbers on their singles. Kershaw was quite easily identified from his NIK – – prefix, but some were rather more obscure. Today’s challenge is: can you identify the artist from his/her/their vanity prefix? If you’ve been paying attention to the singles featured over the past few months, you’ll know…

1. FOXY Click for answer
2. NANA Click for answer
3. TWINS Click for answer
4. MAZ Click for answer
5. BONG Click for answer
6. COLF Click for answer
7. IDEA Click for answer
8. TSC Click for answer
9. HEY Click for answer
10. BOX (later, BOXX) Click for answer

NEW SINGLES on sale from Jun. 4
The BOOMTOWN RATS Charmed Lives (Mercury MER166)
SPARKS I Predict (Atlantic K11740)
Midge URE No Regrets (Chrysalis CHS2618)
Nik KERSHAW I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (MCA NIK4)
SEVENTH AVENUE (Big Fun) I Hear Thunder (Record Shack SOHO22)


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