Released today in 1981: All Stood Still

Chrysalis CHS2522

Chrysalis CHS2522

Ultravox had been around for some years in the 1970s without having a charting record, but everything changed in the 1980s. Midge Ure was now fronting the band as well as being chief songwriter, second keyboardist and guitarist, and they had signed with a new record company. Vienna, their first album of the 80s, was the one that changed the group’s fortunes: following its release in the summer of 1980 it would feature on the album chart on-and-off for the best part of two years, this long run helped by timely releases of four singles of which All Stood Still was the fourth.

The first two Ultravox singles of the 80s, Sleepwalk and Passing Strangers, had given them their first chart hits and initially, the album made #14 – a perfectly respectable placing for a band who hadn’t charted in the past. It had stopped selling in sufficient quantities to make the albums Top 100 after October 1980. However, the release of the grandiose but irresistible title track as a single in January 1981 propelled it back on to the chart and this time all the way to #3. Vienna the single almost gave them a #1 but they were kept at #2 for an extraordinary (and for the band, frustrating) four consecutive weeks; the track’s presence in the Top 10 for a total of eight weeks was, nevertheless, great publicity for the album which remained in the Top 50 for over three months.

It fell out of the Top 50 in the week ending 30th May 1981, just as All Stood Still was being released as a single. The radio airplay for the single sent the album back into the Top 20 after an absence of six weeks. Thereafter, it sold well enough to appear on the Top 100 until the spring of 1982.

NEW SINGLES on sale from May. 29
The BELLE STARS (Jennie McKeown) Hiawatha (Stiff BUY117)
DEPECHE MODE A New Life (Mute MUTE014)
EURYTHMICS Never Gonna Cry Again (RCA RCA68)
ULTRAVOX (Midge Ure) All Stood Still (Chrysalis CHS2522)
DEAD OR ALIVE (Pete Burns) What I Want [Re-issue] (Epic A4510)
SPANDAU BALLET Only When You Leave (Reformation SPAN3)
BANANARAMA Cruel Summer ‘89 (London NANA19)


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