Released today in 1986: My And My Foolish Heart



Me And My Foolish Heart started off as a demo written by Ian McDonald of Scottish hopefuls Vital Signs. In 1985, it came to the attention of Calvin Hayes, late of Hot Club and at that time part of the A&R team at RAK records. McDonald was happy for Hayes and his colleague Mike Nicoto, an engineer at RAK, to re-work the existing track and when the opportunity of some studio time came up, they changed the song’s arrangement and recorded a backing track. The lyrics were improvised by their colleague Phil Thornalley who also recorded a guide vocal for a completed demo. Satisfied with it, rather than giving the song away to another artist, they decided to release it themselves, hoping to travel the world promoting it.

The name for the group Johnny Hates Jazz was a reference to Thornalley’s brother, Johnny, who did indeed dislike jazz: and Thornalley’s wife coined the phrase ‘Johnny hates jazz’. Chosen to sing the lead on the commercially-released recording, though, was RAK solo artist Clark Datchler, who had worked with Hayes in Hot Club and whose recent solo single Things Can’t Get Any Worse he had co-produced with Nocito.

It wasn’t a hit, but it was enough to being the group to the attention of Virgin records who signed Johnny Hates Jazz in September 1986.

NEW SINGLES on sale from Mar. 17
BRONKSI BEAT Come On Come On (Forbidden Fruit BITE7)
JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (Clark Datchler) Me And My Foolish Heart (RAK RAK388)


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