Released today in 1987: Severina

Mercury MYTH3

Mercury MYTH3

We left Wayne Hussey yesterday with a new band with no name, no record deal, and no audience. He resolved this as follows: he named his team The Mission, they joined Birmingham based indie label Chapter 22, and they embarked on a nationwide tour supporting The Cure.

Hussey was perhaps inspired to join Chapter 22 having followed the lead of both his former bands of the 1980s. “The impact of having a successful independent single is far greater than having a single that just gets into the Top 100,” he told Record Mirror (1 November 1986). “That initial period was very good for us in terms of character building because we went through a lot of traumas and trouble, financially as much as anything.” The lure of financial security and comprehensive marketing support though won through in the end, and The Mission transferred to a major (Mercury) for their first album, just as Hussey’s former bands had done.

When asked by Record Mirror what the ‘mission’ in question was, Hussey replied: “Our mission is to make records, be proud of what we do and have fun.” And fun, it seemed, was what they were having. They were also having hits: unlike Hussey’s previous bands, The Mission were charting with every release from the outset and on three occasions fell just a couple of places short of making the Top 10.

Smash Hits (23 March 1987) decided to raise the issue of Hussey’s professional infidelity by asking, in almost as many words, if he was going to stick this group out or leave it after a year or so as he had with his membership of other bands in the 1980s. “Who can say?” he said. “I don’t see The Mission as being a long-term band though. I don’t see it as a career, I see it like a shooting star that flashes in the sky. You can’t look into the future…”

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Howard JONES Little Bit Of Snow (WEA HOW12)
The MISSION (Wayne Hussey) Severina (Mercury MYTH3)
Sal SOLO How Was I To Know? (Awesome AOR8)
The STYLE COUNCIL Waiting (Polydor TSC13)


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