Released today in 1985: No Time To Cry

Merciful Release MR335

Merciful Release MR335

Arriving in Liverpool in the late 70s, Wayne Hussey quickly became involved on the local club scene and played guitar for a couple of bands. He came to the attention of Pete Burns early in the following decade and was invited to join Burns’ existing band Dead Or Alive, just in time for their hit on the independent chart, The Stranger, which was issued via the band’s own label Black Eyes; Burns had turned down an offer to record for Virgin. He was persuaded to join a major label eventually, the success of The Stranger earning Dead Or Alive a deal with Epic in the summer of 1982. Over the next year the five-piece put together their debut LP, the appearance of which was much delayed, probably due to the lack of a hit single. A cover of the KC & The Sunshine Band song That’s The Way (I Like It) finally saw Dead Or Alive reach the Top 40 and its parent long-player, Sophisticated Boom Boom, was issued shortly afterwards in April 1984. By then, despite having co-written half the songs on the album, Hussey had quit.

He joined another existing band, Andrew Eldritch’s The Sisters Of Mercy, apparently happier with the ratio of live to recorded performance. (Under Burns’ leadership, Dead Or Alive was becoming increasingly studio-based. Hussey made his live debut with Eldritch’s band on 7 April 1984 at The Fantasy Club in Birmingham just a week before the release of Sophisticated Boom Boom.) The Sisters Of Mercy had in common with Dead Or Alive that both were founded at a similar time and both had transferred from an independent label to a major (in The Sisters Of Mercy’s case, WEA). Hussey appeared on their album First and Last and Always, again contributing guitars and sharing song writing credits. But he had joined at a difficult time: Eldritch’s health and his relationship with the rest of the band were both deteriorating. It was his falling out with band mate Ben Gunn that had led to the opportunity for Hussey to join; then, during a tour to promote the album, founding member Gary Marx, also decided he’d had enough: just as Hussey had quit Dead Or Alive at the time of the release of their debut album, Marx made his exit from the Sisters just days after the appearance of First and Last and Always.

Nevertheless, the remaining members of the band (Eldritch, Hussey and bass player Craig Adams) completed the tour and it seemed they would make a second album: Eldritch relocated to Germany in the summer of 1985 and Adams and Hussey flew to Hamburg to join him for a record tentatively titled Left on Mission and Revenge. This was abandoned at demo stage. Adams, frustrated by Eldritch’s erratic behaviour and plans for the band’s musical future, walked out on the sessions and returned to the UK. Hussey followed a day later. As fate would have it, for the time being at least, No Time To Cry would be the last The Sisters Of Mercy single.

A very messy period followed. Adams and Hussey founded a new band which they named The Sisterhood, and began re-working songs originally intended for Left on Mission and Revenge. Eldritch objected to the name The Sisterhood, arguing that they were cashing in on The Sisters Of Mercy brand; fans of the band informally described themselves as the ‘sisterhood’. In order to prevent them using the name, Eldritch used it himself when he issued his next single; by doing so, the courts considered that he owned the rights to the name as he was the first to use it commercially. By releasing this through WEA Eldritch remained tied to this distributor (allegedly winning a significant advance from them for being the first former member of the band to release new material), and he was soon back recording as The Sisters Of Mercy again. Meanwhile, Adams and Hussey were released from their obligation to record for the major and set about forming a permanent line-up for their new band.

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  1. I went to see Dead or Alive in Margate once – or was that King? Is that what they were called? I am ashamed to say that I don’t remember… I do remember sisters of mercy tho.

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