Released today in 1981: Tell Me Easter’s On Friday

Situation 2 SIT1

Situation 2 SIT1

Tell Me Easter’s On Friday was the first release by Situation 2 records, a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet. Owing to Beggars distribution deal with WEA, the label was no longer considered to be an ‘independent’ and the new Situation 2 arm was designed to appeal to indie fans.

The Associates were an appropriate signing. They self-released their first single in their native Scotland (a cover of the David Bowie track Boys Keep Swinging, just weeks after Bowie’s original had appeared) which was then picked up for national release by MCA. However, instead of signing with this major record company they chose an established independent, Fiction. Their time there was brief though as they only released one album, 1980’s The Affectionate Punch, from which the title track was the only single.

In 1981 The Associates were prolific, releasing five standalone singles for Situation 2. Two others also appeared: Fiction belatedly issued another track from The Affectionate Punch as a single (A), and Kites would appear on the RSO label. This latter title was issued under the name 39 Lyon St, as their contract with Situation 2 forbad the issue of material under the name The Associates on any other label, although the B-side was credited under their usual name and would appear on the compilation album Fourth Drawer Down, released by Situation 2 in the autumn and featuring most of the other songs released by the group during the course of the year.

Praise was rife for the singles, particularly in NME where they were often reviewed favourably. Of Tell Me Easter’s On Friday, NME said “This is the closest pop comes to the elusive dream of perfection.”

NEW SINGLES on sale from Feb. 27
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