Released today in 1983: Boxerbeat



JoBoxers distinctive dress sense is what led to them hiring their singer. Asked in Record Mirror where their style was developed, JoBoxers drummer Sean McLusky responded, “Our style just evolved, you know. It’s a lot to do with drinking. It’s a question of where you drink and what you see around you. When we were working with that Goddard bloke, we were up west, Ronnie Scott’s, very flash… after that we started drinking in Wapping, ‘cos there’s good beer down there.” Their clothes originally came from second-hand street markets in the area, and it was at one of those that McLusky and his colleagues met Ohio-born Dig Wayne who sang lead on Boxerbeat.

McLusky, along with Colin Bostock (bass), Dave Collard (keyboards) and Rob Marche (guitar) had been members of the final line-up of Subway Sect before the group’s front man, the previously mentioned “Goddard bloke” (Vic), disbanded the group in 1982 following the release of the album Songs for Sale. That album showed the backing quartet could certainly play, with its sophisticated 1940s-swing influence. But it was their live work they were most praised for; they made their live debut with Wayne at the Clarendon Hotel on 2nd December 1982. McLusky again: “We want to play as many gigs as possible, keep working the clubs… too many chart groups are unable to reproduce their music live.”

On the evidence of their first single though it seems JoBoxers might have had the opposite problem: the studio recording sounds to me like something Elvis Costello might have put on a B-side or given away to another artist. Nevertheless, it scored them a hit, and, as Wayne said, “Boxerbeat is a good introduction to our stuff… you can’t get everything into your first shot. You’ve got to keep something up your sleeve.”

NEW SINGLES on sale from Feb. 4
ORANGE JUICE (Edwyn Collins) Rip It Up (Polydor POSP547)
SPANDAU BALLET Communication (Reformation CHS2668)


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