Released today in 1983: Too Shy



It couldn’t be a better start for Kajagoogoo: within a year of new lead singer Limahl joining them, this, their first single, tops the chart. Limahl was hired having responded to an advert the existing members of the group placed when they were looking for a new frontman. It was a wise appointment: within months, a chance meeting he had with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes led to Rhodes offering his services as producer for Too Shy and a record deal with Duran’s label, EMI, soon followed. By the summer of 1983, Kajagoogoo had placed three singles in the Top 20 and had a silver disc from the BPI for their debut album.

It also couldn’t have come to an end more quickly though: that summer, the rest of the band fire Limahl, deciding to continue without him when differences in opinion about the group’s future direction become all too obvious.

EMI retain both Kajagoogoo and Limahl as a solo artist. Initially, the band have the greater success. The first post-Limahl single, Big Apple, appears in September 1983 (two months ahead of Limahl’s solo debut) and makes the Top 10; Limahl’s single just scrapes inside the Top 20. A year later though and the tables turn: Limahl’s The Never Ending Story, from the film of the same name, is a major hit, while Kajagoogoo’s final single misses the Top 40 altogether.

Three members of the band returned in 1985 as Kaja and released one more album; Limahl released a second album in 1986, but it and its attendant singles failed to chart. By the following year, EMI had dispensed with both acts.

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