Released today in 1982: Felicity

Polydor POSP386

Polydor POSP386

Glasgow produced more Smash Hits covers stars in the 1980s than any other town, barring the UK’s capital. Technically, Orange Juice weren’t cover stars: their singer Edwyn Collins appeared alone, and he was born in Edinburgh. But the group was founded – as the NuSonics – when Collins was living in Glasgow in the mid-70s. The name Orange Juice was adopted in 1979 and in the same year, Collins founded the local independent record company Postcard with Alan Horne; the label’s first release was Orange Juice’s debut single early the following year.

Postcard issued singles by two other Scottish acts: Josef K (founded in Edinburgh) and East Kilbride’s Aztec Camera, whose frontman Roddy Frame is one of the 14 other Caledonian artists joining Collins on the cover of Smash Hits in the 1980s:

Postal town Act Notes
2 acts
Annie Lennox
Derek Dunbar
Dunbar’s band, Jimmy The Hoover, was not formed in his hometown.
1 act
Wet Wet Wet
2 acts
The Associates
Gary Clark
Clark’s band Danny Wilson was also formed in the town.
1 act
The Skids Singer Stuart Adamson, who later appeared on the cover on his own, was born in Manchester.
8 acts
Altered Images
Clare Grogan
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Jim Kerr
Jimmy Somerville
Midge Ure
Roddy Frame
Strawberry Switchblade
Grogan appeared on the cover both with her band Altered Images and alone. Ure’s band Ultravox was formed in London. Kerr’s band Simple Minds and Frame’s band Aztec Camera were formed in Glasgow.

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ORANGE JUICE (Edwyn Collins) Felicity (Polydor POSP386)


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