Released today in 1987: Let Her Fall

London LON97

London LON97

It has been a slow start for Then Jerico. Their first single was rejected by their record company (they had to release it independently) and two further singles also failed to make the Top 75. But Let Her Fall finally provides them with a hit, albeit only just, peaking at #65. Each of the band’s two subsequent top 20 hits earns front man Mark Shaw an appearance on the cover of Smash Hits. Unfortunately they are never able to fully exploit these successes and although second album The Big Area (1989) makes the top ten, they disband shortly afterwards.

Shaw had a short-lived solo career in the early 90s before regaining the right to use the Then Jerico banner. Progress since though has once again been slow, and in a 2009 interview, Shaw put this down to a list of misfortunes that must surely make him the unluckiest man in pop, including, among others:

  • A 2002 assault that broke his jaw
  • Shattering his heels in a jump from a falling 20-foot speaker stack at a 2004 gig
  • Smashing his head on a drum riser at an event in Turkey
  • Slicing his leg open when falling between two stage platforms in 2008
  • Sustaining a cracked jaw, a broken nose and other skull injuries in a gang-related incident in 2009

Poor guy!

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THEN JERICO (Mark Shaw) Let Her Fall (London LON97)
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