Released today in 1982: Love Plus One

Arista CLIP2

Arista CLIP2

Strongest support for the second Haircut One Hundred single comes from Smash Hits, declaring it ‘Single of the Fortnight’: “The band who’ll have us all slipping into chunky knits and brogues before you can say Captain Mark Phillips. This is a fine follow up to ‘Favourite Shirts’ which, as soon as people become friends with the sound, will be an even bigger hit. It’s a nifty mover with plenty of interesting details. And who could resist a lyric like “Where does it lead from here?/Is it down to the lake I fear?”? They’ve been watching too many late night thrillers.” Music Week and Sounds concur, the former listing it among its ‘Chart Certs’ and the latter saying: “A confident, summery sax breezes over a yearning hiccup of a love-stained vocal and… yup, it will be another hit, I hope”.

Elsewhere, Melody Maker describes it as a “low key affair, led in convincingly by Phil Smith’s persuasive sax and building determinedly into their paleface rhythmic groove,” but adds that it’s “terminally anonymous” before conceding that “they are pretty, and the gods have doubtless decreed an extension on their 15 minute fame.” There’s some reticence at Record Mirror too, where it is described as “pure teeny pop … not much to my taste – rather too (umm) laid back, you see – but at least they’ve dared to do something different, and full credit to them for that.” The least convinced is NME: “a skimpy little skip of a pop song, and ‘funk’ certainly doesn’t come into it… it’s very English and whimsical – hardly considerable – and a bit smug and zzzany. I find these sort of attributes cloying (faintly facetious FUN boys with fringes and fecklessness) and never get the feeling that the rinky dinky doo ‘Love Plus One’ desires me a consumer – it doesn’t tug at my ear”.

The ayes have it though: the single reaches #3.

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